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Sugarcreek, OH

Our headquarters were established in Sugarcreek, and we have been committed to the area for decades.

Millersburg, OH

In Millersburg, we specialize in farm sales, estate liquidation, online auctions and property management.

New Philadelphia, OH

Kaufman Realty has been a pillar in the New Philadelphia real estate and auction market since 2002.

Cambridge, OH

We have served the vibrant communities of Southwestern Ohio since 2004 in real estate and auctions.

Kidron, OH

Our Kidron office is known for exceptional work in real estate transactions, online sales and vacant land auctions.

Mt. Hope, OH

Located within the Mt. Hope Event Center, our Mt. Hope location is conveniently located and happy to help!

Sarasota, FL

We are the trusted choice for those seeking to navigate Sarasota’s diverse real estate and auction markets.

Bridgeport, WV

Since 2009, we have served Bridgeport with live and online sales, including simulcast sales and online auctions. 

Taylorville, IL

Fully equipped and staffed by experienced professionals ready to help clients achieve their real estate goals.


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