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In the heart of the enchanting coastal city of Sarasota, Florida, Kaufman Realty & Auctions stands as the premier source for all your real estate and auction needs. Our dedication to excellence, combined with local expertise, makes us the trusted choice for those seeking to navigate Sarasota’s diverse real estate market.

Kaufman Realty & Auctions is your one-stop solution for real estate services. Our portfolio includes traditional real estate listings that feature many sought-after properties in the Southwest Florida region. For those looking for a more dynamic approach, we provide real estate auctions conducted in live, online and simulcast formats. This array of options allows buyers and sellers to engage on their terms, whether you’re seeking your dream home or looking to sell a property.

Our commitment to the Sarasota community and our clients is unwavering. We understand the unique charm of this city, and we leverage this understanding to offer unparalleled support and expert guidance in every transaction.

Kaufman Realty & Auctions sets the standard in Sarasota’s real estate and auction industries. Contact us today to explore the diverse possibilities in real estate, whether you prefer traditional listings or the exciting world of real estate auctions. Your journey begins here with Kaufman Realty & Auctions.

1022 Cronley Pl.

Sarasota, FL, 34237

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