Current Trends Influence Your Real Estate Value

Current Trends Affecting the Value of Real Estate: On-Trend Home Improvements


On-trend colors and interior design styles come into play for homeowners in Ohio, West Virginia or Pennsylvania who want to impress their neighbors at dinner parties. But knowing the most stylish home improvements mean even more for sellers interested in getting a great ROI (return on investment). New color palettes affect entire kitchen and bathroom renovations as part of the current trends affecting the value of real estate. After choosing a color scheme and interior design style, it’s easier to shop for lighting fixtures, flooring, new appliances and other features that sell a home at top dollar. Most real estate experts warn against decorating and changing colors and flooring until you decide to list. If you change out the flooring and paint an entire home but wait to list until the following year, it’s likely home buyers’ vision of the perfect home changed in that time.

Daring to dream with colors

While gray was the “new neutral” in the past few years, designers say home buyers gravitate to warmer colors. According to a piece by, Sherwin-Williams chose an intense blue-green as its Color of the Year for 2018. The color isn’t as “safe” as white but gives home sellers a “wow factor.” Meanwhile, Benjamin Moore revealed its color of the year as “Caliente,” a warm red. Designers say the striking red works great for accent walls in modern homes. One of the great things about painting the exterior and interior of a home is that it’s a budget-friendly home improvement. Other colors to watch for include shades of gold and buttery yellow as well as moss and sage green in the kitchen. Instead of gray, opt for “greige,” which is a blend of soft gray and taupe. Greige is especially popular for the exterior of homes, but talk to your real estate agent about trends in your particular neighborhood.

Looking out for kitchen trends

Kitchen and dining trends also give home sellers food for thought. According to an article by, blues and sages appear in the kitchen and dining rooms as on-trend colors. When renovating a home to sell, consider bringing back some personality to the dining and kitchen areas. While the modern look still sells, consider whether the minimalist style suites your particular home. For some, a better look is the modern farmhouse. For others, it’s fun to try out chrome, brass or matte black knobs and pulls on kitchen cabinets. An inexpensive idea to add pop to the kitchen is to paint the kitchen island benches.

Other home improvement that won’t break the bank include pendant lighting for kitchens and dining rooms. Adding storage in the kitchen and garage also boost home value. When selling, stick to traditional colors for appliances because most home buyers don’t want to have to change out the appliances after making a major home purchase. In terms of backsplashes, designers warn against mirrors or glass with classic subway tile as a safer bet. While handy homeowners have no trouble replacing floors, lighting, bathroom bowls or installing new appliances, don’t feel compelled to do all the work yourself. It’s better to hire a professional to help paint if you have high ceilings rather than fall off a ladder. To save money, focus on cleaning including pressure washing as well as light landscaping improvements that cost little and keep you safe. Before spending too much money on home improvements to sell, talk to a real estate professional about the current real estate trends and what buyers crave.

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