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Investing In Real Estate: What You Need to Know

Factors in Finding Top Real Estate Investment Markets   Everyone has heard that location is the most important factor when investing in real estate, right? However, what does that really mean? What factors should you know about a location before buying a rental property? Buying a property just because you live nearby, or because your… Read More

Hot, New Millennial Home Buying Trends

3 Hot Millennial Home Buying Trends   The housing market on the rise and we don’t just mean home prices and interest rates. As the millennial generation takes charge of the workplace and starts earning that late 20s early 30s career money, real estate agents across the developed world are seeing millennial couples individuals looking to… Read More

Current Trends Influence Your Real Estate Value

Current Trends Affecting the Value of Real Estate: On-Trend Home Improvements   On-trend colors and interior design styles come into play for homeowners in Ohio, West Virginia or Pennsylvania who want to impress their neighbors at dinner parties. But knowing the most stylish home improvements mean even more for sellers interested in getting a great… Read More

5 Perks Of Warmer Weather When Selling Your Home

Five Ways to Use Nice Weather to Your Advantage When Selling Your Home If you are getting ready to sell your home this spring or in the future, the time of year that you sell can ultimately be used as a strategic move. Warm weather and sunshine can be the icing on the cake that… Read More

Home Automation

Home Automation – The Latest Trend Affecting the Value of Real Estate   Today’s tech-savvy home buyers seek more than a new roof and a two-car garage. They want modern amenities and high-tech options. To make your home more desirable, few things can compete with the Irresistible features of home automation. It may surprise you… Read More

Staging Your Home For An Upcoming Sale

How to Stage a House You’re Living In   Staging is an integral part of selling a house. No one is going to consider a home that’s listed without a collection of informative pictures of the inside, outside, and grounds and as the seller, these photos are an opportunity to show your house at it’s… Read More

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Property

4 Deep Cleaning Tips for a Spring Property Sale   Most people already know how to clean a home from top to bottom, at least enough for every day living without drowning in dust and grime. We know how to wipe down the surfaces and cabinets, sweep and mop the floors, and vacuum everything but… Read More

Social Media For Buying & Selling

3 Tips For Using Social Media to Buy and Sell Your Property   Social media has completely altered the ways we live our lives. For example, it’s now possible for us to keep in touch with a much larger social circle, despite distance. We can easily keep our work references and job history in an… Read More

Rural Properties Growing in Popularity

The Urban Housing Demand is Spreading to Rural Properties   The impressive rise in demand for urban housing is a simple matter of logistics. People want to live near where their jobs are. Because businesses gather near city centers, so to do their employees. However, as anyone who’s even glanced at the real estate market… Read More

The Right Auction Company For You

13 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Auction Company   An auction company arranges, hosts and holds auctions for its clients. These companies handle every aspect of the auction from advertising to item presentation to the auction caller. Most specialize in specific areas and choosing the right auction company can mean getting the best… Read More

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