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Investing In Real Estate: What You Need to Know

Factors in Finding Top Real Estate Investment Markets   Everyone has heard that location is the most important factor when investing in real estate, right? However, what does that really mean? What factors should you know about a location before buying a rental property? Buying a property just because you live nearby, or because your… Read More

Hot, New Millennial Home Buying Trends

3 Hot Millennial Home Buying Trends   The housing market on the rise and we don’t just mean home prices and interest rates. As the millennial generation takes charge of the workplace and starts earning that late 20s early 30s career money, real estate agents across the developed world are seeing millennial couples individuals looking to… Read More

New Trends: Cryptocurrency

Current Trends Affecting the Value of Real Estate: Cryptocurrency   If you plan to buy or sell real estate in Ohio, West Virginia or Western Pennsylvania using cryptocurrency, you aren’t alone. A number of Bitcoin millionaires come to a closing table with an alternative payment of choice, one of the current trends affecting the value… Read More

How To “Flip” Your Vacant House

How to Get the Best Price for Your Vacant House                                                                                           … Read More

Rural Properties Growing in Popularity

The Urban Housing Demand is Spreading to Rural Properties   The impressive rise in demand for urban housing is a simple matter of logistics. People want to live near where their jobs are. Because businesses gather near city centers, so to do their employees. However, as anyone who’s even glanced at the real estate market… Read More

Winterize an Empty Home and Reap Dividends

How to Winterize an Empty Home In case you haven’t been watching the extended forecast, it’s calling for bitter cold temperatures over the next ten days.  These temps will be well below freezing.  If your vacant home or building isn’t ready for the cold snap you could be looking at a very large bill.  The… Read More

Whitetail Hunting Trends and Tips

Top 2017 Whitetail Hunting Trends and Tips It’s no secret to serious hunters that the whitetail deer is the most widely discussed hunting topic. Contrary to what you may have heard, whitetail hunting is a sport that is growing fast in popularity in America although there are a few states that have seen a decline…. Read More

Recreational Real Estate, Should You Invest?

Should I Invest in Recreational Real Estate? Have you ever thought about buying property that matched with your hobbies, such as camping, hunting, fishing, or hiking? Investing in recreational real estate may be just what you are dreaming about. There are many benefits that come with owning recreational real estate, but the biggest is likely the ability… Read More

Real Estate Investment in Rural America

Real Estate Investment in Rural America Many real estate investors are naturally attracted to properties in urban and suburban areas. They don’t even consider investing in small towns or rural areas. However, in many parts of America, “the country” is no more than an hour away from an urban center. If you were to jump… Read More

Key Factors that Drive the Real Estate Market

What Are the Key Factors that Drive the Real Estate Market? This week we continue our series on the key factors and drivers of the real estate market.  Whether sold via a traditional listing or at a real estate auction, these are important factors to keep in mind when buying and selling. There are multiple… Read More

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