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New Trends: Cryptocurrency

Current Trends Affecting the Value of Real Estate: Cryptocurrency   If you plan to buy or sell real estate in Ohio, West Virginia or Western Pennsylvania using cryptocurrency, you aren’t alone. A number of Bitcoin millionaires come to a closing table with an alternative payment of choice, one of the current trends affecting the value… Read More

Get to Know a Kaufman, Realtor Melissa Biltz

Get to Know a Kaufman Full Name:  Melissa (Rohr) Biltz Family: Just celebrated 30 year anniversary with Scott, Sarah graduated from Ohio State University in 2013 and is a District Director in Hetuck District, Buckeye Council, BSA; Jason will be graduating from Ohio State University in May and will begin his Civil Engineering career at… Read More

Home Automation

Home Automation – The Latest Trend Affecting the Value of Real Estate   Today’s tech-savvy home buyers seek more than a new roof and a two-car garage. They want modern amenities and high-tech options. To make your home more desirable, few things can compete with the Irresistible features of home automation. It may surprise you… Read More

Get to Know a Kaufman, Realtor Robert Schlabach

Get to Know a Kaufman Full Name: Robert J. Schlabach Family: my wife Audrey, 3 adult children, and 2 exchange students. Do you have a nick name: if so what is it and how did you get it? Bob. At a certain age in this country society assumes “Robert” is pronounced “Bob”. First Job: I… Read More

Staging Your Home For An Upcoming Sale

How to Stage a House You’re Living In   Staging is an integral part of selling a house. No one is going to consider a home that’s listed without a collection of informative pictures of the inside, outside, and grounds and as the seller, these photos are an opportunity to show your house at it’s… Read More

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