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Month: November 2016

Mt Hope Auction Part 1 – Significance and Tour

Watch how Mt Hope Auction has influenced Kaufman Realty throughout the years. Including the history of Kaufman Realty & Auctions founder, Dave Kaufman, with Mt. Hope Auction and many Kaufman Auctioneers who have also worked at Mt Hope. See a tour of their current facilities and progress being made on the new event center.

Introduction to Blog Videos

Welcome to the video part of our Blogs, we will be introducing you to our staff and giving you a history of Kaufman Realty. We will also be conducting interviews with people and businesses that have impacted this community and our company. We have already created our first series with Mt. Hope Auction, to view… Read More

Chattel Auctions in Non-Traditional Times

Chattels & Personal Property Auctions During the Winter. Which Items Sell the Best During this Time of Year? This week’s blog post is a supplement on last week’s post about selling during non-traditional times or more specifically in the late fall, winter, and early spring months of the year in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania…. Read More

Why to Sell Assets in Nontraditional Times

Pro-Tips for Selling in Nontraditional Times of Year This post is aimed towards the areas that have multiple seasons, not the vacation hotspots which are mainly comprised of beautiful weather and too hot to breath weather.  In our market places of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia we are fortunate enough to experience all four seasons. … Read More

Pitfalls for Buyers & Sellers in Real Estate

Real Estate Pitfalls Pitfalls, mistakes and problems, we’ve all made them, and had them, wouldn’t it be nice to learn from others so we weren’t doomed to repeat them?  Before we get into pitfalls we’ve seen, witnessed, experienced or even been a part of; please note that this post does not for a minute presume to… Read More

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