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Month: October 2016

Help for First Time Home Buyers

Quick Tips for First Time Home Buyers Ugh, the overwhelming process of buying a home.  For home buyer’s especially first time home buyers the process can be overwhelming.  Where do we start? Who do we call?  What type of property do we want?  What monthly payment can we afford?  Do our wants outweigh our budget?  What… Read More

If Your House Could Talk, What Would it Say?

Your House, 5 Ways to Boost it’s Value. What if your house could talk?  What would it say?  A recent blog post dealt with increasing the value of your recreational property and turning it into a recreational paradise.  What about increasing the value of your personal home?  In this post we will delve into some… Read More

Auction vs Traditional (Private Treaty) Listing

Why auction? Why listing? Which should I use? Which is better for my property? One of the major reoccurring questions for sellers of real estate is which method is the proper vehicle for selling their real estate.  Are there specific types of real estate which lend themselves to one form of sale versus the other? … Read More

Creating a Recreational Paradise

Autumn brings some of the most beautiful colors nature has to offer, the air is crisp, the days are getting shorter and your beckoned to spend time in the outdoors.  This is also the time of year sportsmen and women in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania look for their favorite camo pattern and head to… Read More

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