Rural Properties Growing in Popularity

The Urban Housing Demand is Spreading to Rural Properties


The impressive rise in demand for urban housing is a simple matter of logistics. People want to live near where their jobs are. Because businesses gather near city centers, so to do their employees. However, as anyone who’s even glanced at the real estate market lately is aware, the prices and availability of urban housing are prohibitive to the point of unavailable for buyers and renters alike. However, the demand has to go somewhere. People will continue to take jobs in the cities and get the closest homes they can find. Some will settle for shoebox apartments but most choose a longer commute in return for space and affordability. For this reason, rural properties that once would have waited for rural buyers are benefitting from the demand overflow from the cities.

Cities are Growing Faster than Housing is Being Built

The borders of a city are never finite. Housing developments widen the suburbs and businesses move in to serve the new communities. Cities blocked by water or mountains find other ways to spread and become more compact in the center and large cities near each other run into a shared urban/suburban area. This means that over time, areas that were once considered rural have an increasing chance of becoming included in the spread.

Of course, building new houses takes both investment and time, and people taking new jobs need homes now. With all the good properties near the city centers already taken, they are looking outward, into the rural communities surrounding the cities where they work. This is great news for owners and real estate agents alike who are hoping to get rural properties off the market.

People are Accepting Longer Commutes

Most people would rather live a five-minute walk from their workplace and leave commuting entirely out of the process. That’s why downtown apartments, no matter how small, are so expensive. It’s only natural to accept this reality and settle in the suburbs an hour or more away from your job in order to have room for yourself and your family instead.

Once this compromise is made, it can be made further and farther based on availability and desire for space. In the face of current housing demands, people have begun accepting homes as many as 3 hours away from their jobs, bringing them far away from the city centers and into the surrounding rural communities. Rural properties once thought remote are now seen as acceptably convenient.

Homes for Remote Professionals

Not everyone has to commute in order to work. Remote positions are becoming more common and many professionals who work from home can make more than enough money to buy property. Working from your home office also means putting a high value in things like spacious houses and quiet neighborhoods, something that rural properties have in spades. Most rural homes tend to have roomy kitchens, extra bedrooms, and big yards for kids to run around in which makes families happy while leaving their remote-working professional parents an extra room for an office.

Rural homes have an incredible amount of value in the modern real estate industry, you just have to know who you’re selling to. Professionals who are considering longer commutes for an improved quality of life may enjoy rural living. Remote working professionals, on the other hand, need only a strong internet connection in order to live anywhere and a nice rural home could be exactly what they’re looking for. With the cities filling up, the value of quality rural real estate is also on the rise. Whether you’re writing listings or giving your sellers advice, these financially stable demographics are a good choice for targeting your marketing efforts for rural properties.


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