Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Property

4 Deep Cleaning Tips for a Spring Property Sale


Most people already know how to clean a home from top to bottom, at least enough for every day living without drowning in dust and grime. We know how to wipe down the surfaces and cabinets, sweep and mop the floors, and vacuum everything but do you know how to make a home really sparkle? When you’re preparing a home for sale, every little detail matters. Potential buyers will tour and even if they don’t consciously notice hidden dust in corners or scuffs on the baseboards, these factors will play into how much your home seems to be worth. While you know that a little dirt doesn’t lower the value of your home, without a completely clean finish your home might seem older or dingier than necessary. To get in gear for your spring property sale, you’ll need a few deep cleaning tricks to make your home gleam.

1) Vinegar the Fixtures

Running water always leaves a certain amount of residue from other things that flow in your taps like fluoride and calcium particles. That off-white buildup around the faucets, in the shower heads, and often coating your bathtub and sink areas is bad news and can lower a buyer’s opinion of your home. If you’re having trouble removing this residue, always reach for the vinegar which is great for breaking down almost anything. Even if you’ve already polished the outsides of your fixtures, you can use a vinegar-soaked rag to scrub the residue out of your faucets and shower heads or soak them in vinegar-filled plastic bags rubber-banded to the fixtures.

2) Wipe Down the Baseboards

Your baseboards are a secret treasure trove of dirt and grim, but they’re so far away from most people’s eyes that they don’t consciously notice the layer of scuffs and dirt smears. Get down on the floor and take a close look at your baseboards, then wipe them down thoroughly until the baseboards gleam in every room in the house. Not only will you be amazed at the amount of dirt you can get up from a single section of baseboard, you are also subtly improving the appearance of modern cleanliness in the home.

3) Mop the Walls

Of course, your baseboards aren’t the only ‘unseen’ part of the house structure that can get grimy. Walls collect particles of whatever is in the air from evaporated cooking oil to floating lint and can become incredibly dirty. Before you start cleaning, do a quick spot-test on a hard to see part of the wall with a damp sponge. If the sponge comes away with paint color, repainting may be the better option. However, if your home has that sturdy family-friendly washable gloss on the interior. break out a (fresh) sponge mop and go to town. Mildly soapy warm water is a good start and you can use a little rubbing alcohol or vinegar for tough discoloration. It may help to place folded towels along the baseboards to keep any runoff from puddling

4) Steam Clean the Carpets

Because this wave of cleaning is all about pulling grime from seemingly invisible hiding spots, this is the perfect time to steam clean your carpets. Old grime, pet dander, settled moisture, and other particles can all serve to not just make your carpet dirty but also to weigh it down and cause the fibers to stick to each other. By using the hot soapy cleaning solution in a steam cleaner, you can break up all that old grime and see how much dirt you’re sucking up just by checking the gray water tank. Don’t be surprised if it takes three to five rounds with the steam cleaner before the water comes out mostly clear, but when you’re done and the carpet dries, it will be softer and fluffier than ever.

Selling your house is a big task, but it can be easily tackled simply by breaking every stage down into manageable steps. Besides all the staging, buyer qualifying, and planning for your home sale this spring, don’t forget to do a little bit of deep cleaning before taking pictures or hosting your first buyer tour.


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