Wake Up Your Real Estate with a Spring Clean Up

We are always looking to provide Pro-Tips for real estate owners.  With spring upon us, there is no better time than now to start a list of projects to spruce up your real estate.  This week’s post gives some helpful insights on where to start and what to do.

Wake Up Your Property with A Spring Clean Up

The dull gray skies of winter are melting away and giving into the bright colors of spring days. Wake up your house and property as the colors come back with a good spring clean up.

Create a Plan of Action

The best way to avoid stress during the clean up is to start with a list of the projects you want to complete.

  • Have each member of the family look around and decide on a list of projects.
  • Create a master list of the projects and hang it where everyone can see it. This way it is easier to mark off and keep track of what’s left.
  • Look at your family schedule and plan cleaning days when you have an entire day to work. Spread time consuming projects out over a few days to avoid feeling rushed or stressed.
  • Enlist everyone’s help. Assign your children their room plus any other jobs they can handle.

Projects to Consider Outside

Make sure your yard is welcoming to visitors and the new season by addressing these projects.

  • Clear any debris left from the winter or fall. Make sure the lawn is clear of all leaves.
  • Organize your outdoor storage shed. Make room to store outdoor toys. Get your family used to putting their outdoor toys away like they do inside. As you go through the shed, determine if you want to donate or sell things after the cleanup.
  • Reseed the lawn if you did not do so last fall.
  • Look over your gardens. Decide as a family if you are going to grow flowers. You can also grow certain foods and spices at home if you want to up your gardening skills.
  • Research what grows best in your area before you buy seeds or bulbs. If you’re not sure, ask somebody at your local lawn and garden store. They can help you decide what holds up well in your soil and typical weather conditions.
  • Buy items to bring life back to your garden such as top soil, mulch, and gardening tools if needed.
  • As the weather warms up, see if you can get a head start on spring planting.
  • Replace any damaged or warped deck boards so you can stain and seal the deck in warmer temperatures.

Don’t Forget About the Inside

Once you’re done with the outside or on bad weather days, tackle indoor projects.

  • Replace smoke alarm batteries.
  • Check and replace any indoor air filters.
  • Deep clean your kitchen. Go through your cabinets and throw out things that are out of date.
  • Go through your spice rack and make sure to replace anything out dated. Make a list of spices and put it on the door, so that you avoid buying multiples of the same thing.
  • Deep clean your family room. Consider gathering things to either donate or sell at a yard sale.
  • Have your kids go through their toys and items as you gather things to sell and donate. Let them set up a table of their stuff at your yard sale. It will motivate them to go through things.
  • Clean out the closets. Make a pile to sell and one to donate.
  • Do not put your heavy winter jackets into storage the first time the weather warms up. Chances are you may still need them at least one more time.
  • Determine if you want to paint and if you are going to paint or call in a professional.
  • Invite friends over to help with large projects or moving heavy items.
  • Have your HVAC unit checked before the warmer temperatures set in. Reserve a time early as the warmer it gets, the busier the technicians get.

At Kaufman Realty & Auctions, we enjoy providing Pro-Tips and insights for real estate owners in Ohio, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania. Properly cared for real estate can be an excellent investment as well as provide enjoyment that goes far beyond dollars and cents.  If you have questions about what is best for you real estate please contact us.

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