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3 Tips For Using Social Media to Buy and Sell Your Property


Social media has completely altered the ways we live our lives. For example, it’s now possible for us to keep in touch with a much larger social circle, despite distance. We can easily keep our work references and job history in an online profile, and direct potential clients to it. And, of course, it’s changed the way we buy and sell property.

While social media has not pushed traditional real estate agents out of the market by any stretch of the imagination, it is a tool that can be used both by professionals and lay people alike to widen their net when looking for buyers and sellers. It is not a silver bullet by any stretch of the imagination, though, and it’s important to make sure you don’t place the whole of your trust in social media. If you’re going to make use of it, though, here are some tips you should take to heart.

3 Tips For Using Social Media to Buy and Sell Your Property

Tip #1: Use Social Media For Research

If you’re looking for a group of like-minded people, chances are good you can find them on social media. Facebook, for example, has groups dedicated to nearly every pursuit you can think of… including buying and selling property. Spend a few hours finding groups that cater to the area you’re looking for, and poke around in them. Talk to the members, and see if you can get some insight from the boots on the ground, as it were.

Interacting with people who are in the know can get you some great tips on where to turn, or who to talk to, if you’re looking to buy or sell real estate. It shouldn’t be the only research you do, but it should definitely be on your to-do list.

Tip #2: Embrace YouTube Video Tours

In the long ago and far away, real estate agents would put together a collage of photos to try to give potential buyers an idea of what a house looked like. The problem is that a photo can only tell you so much. A video, on the other hand, can give buyers a much better view of what they’re looking at.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, look for YouTube video tours of a property on social media. These videos are easy to make, and they can give you a solid idea of just what you’re looking at in terms of size, scope, and general appearance. These videos are easy to make if you’re a seller, and if you’re a buyer they’re even easier to find thanks to the sharing nature of social sites.

Tip #3: Social Media Has Ads… Don’t Ignore Them

We’ve been programmed to ignore advertisements for years. When they come on the TV, we change the channel. When they come on the radio, we hit a different pre-set. Social media may be a different venue, but you may have some of those same knee-jerk reactions. After all, why would you click an ad? And if you wouldn’t click an ad, why would you pay for an ad to make sure more people saw the property you had for sale?

In both instances, it may be worth giving ads a try. If you’re a seller, you need to keep in mind that people who are shopping for what you’re buying won’t be so resistant to ads. If you wanted to buy a certain movie, and you saw an ad for it at a discount price, you’d be fairly likely to click that ad. The same is true for someone looking to buy property in a given area. While it might not be as likely as posting or shopping in real estate groups (which you should also do), ads can be a great resource on your hunt.


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