Get To Know A Kaufman, Realtor Neil Gingerich

Get to Know a Kaufman

  1. Full Name: Neil Alan Gingerich
  2. Family: Parents Alan and Rose Gingerich, brother Grant (18) and sister Olivia (16)
  3. Do you have a nickname, if so what is it and how did you get it: Bird or Big Bird, when I was in high school my long legs weren’t proportional to the rest of my body. (still are not)
  4. First Job: Brick and Stone work for my Dad
  5. Worst Job: Provia, Factory work
  6. Personal motto or credo:
  7. A great day is comprised of these elements: No set plans just hanging out with my friends and eating a lot
  8. Hobbies: Basketball, Softball, Golf
  9. Favorite Sport or event to watch, live or on TV: Basketball
  10. Proudest Childhood Accomplishment: Winning two state championships
  11. What did you want to be when you grew up: Professional athlete
  12. If you were a super hero, what powers would you have: Fly and read minds
  13. It’s Karaoke night and you have to sing, what’s your go to song: Don’t Stop Believing – Journey
  14. What two stations or Podcasts do you listen to most in your car: The Herd – Colin Cowherd or any county station
  15. What makes you laugh: A lot
  16. What is your favorite book to read and who is your favorite author:
  17. Alaska or Hawaii, which would you rather visit for vacation and why: Hawaii, I love the beach
  18. Of your five senses, which is the strongest and why: Taste, I don’t know if it’s the strongest I just love it the most.
  19. If you had a warning label, what would yours say: “CAUTION… Don’t feed the animals”
  20. How many pair of shoes do you own: 6
  21. If you could share a coffee with four individuals, living or dead, who would they be: Lebron James, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Warren Buffett
  22. If you had to describe yourself using an animal, which one would it be and why: Giraffe, because of its height
  23. What is something that scares you but you really want to try it: Skydiving
  24. What is something you tried that you’ll never do again:
  25. On a scale of 1 – 10 how painful is the questionnaire: 5

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