Landscaping Tips that Look Great in the Snow

6 Landscaping Tips That Look Great in the Snow

With the snow approaching here are some landscaping ideas to put in place next spring that will have you property looking fabulous for the entire year.

Selling a house has more to do with curb appeal than most people care to think about. While the interior is always the final decider, the landscaping and exterior create that enchanting or disappointing first impression. Of course, selling your home in the winter poses a special challenge as deciduous trees go bare and all your beautiful flowers go to sleep under the snow. The key to selling a home in the winter is understanding winter landscaping.  You want  the perfect landscaping plan to blossom in the spring, stay fragrant through the summer, color beautifully in the fall, and look enchanting under a sparkling layer of fresh snow. Here are six of our best tips for creating a surprisingly beautiful winter landscape.

1) Evergreen Boxwood Hedges

While we all know that the best way to keep a little green in your landscape is with evergreens, trees aren’t your only option. Using boxwood hedges to frame and accent your outdoor designs, especially for larger grounds with distinct areas, is a wonderful way to give your landscape a dash of dark green all year long. They also look mighty fine under a fresh layer of snow with their sparkling white tops and green needles peeking out from underneath.

2) Flowering Quince

Who says you can’t have flowers in the winter. There is a surprisingly large variety of shrubs and flowers that bloom in the deepest winter chill and Quince is one of them with brilliant red blooms. This deciduous thorny shrub is a particularly good choice for low-maintenance designs because they are virtually indestructible and grow up to about eight feet wide. Quince is a particularly nice touch for natural fencing and will make a striking contrast against a layer of snow.

3) Sweet Box

Want a shrub that stays fluffy and green all winter? The Sweet Box bush is one of the few evergreen shrub types that doesn’t bear needles. Instead, it features a sprawl of of soft green leaves that fade to a gentle white-yellow near the top, almost as if topping themselves with snow before the first fall. These will add some wonderful shape and color to your winter landscape and look about the same sans snow during the rest of the season. As a special treat, sweet box tends to put out tiny white aromatic blossoms in late winter.

4) Christmas Rose

If you love flowers all year long, Christmas rose is a lovely addition to your landscaping plan because it blooms from late December to early spring, explaining it’s unique name. This is a wide white blossom with thick round petals and a sturdy stalk tall enough to stand above most modest snowfalls, meaning that even if the snow is fairly deep, you’ll still have your flowers.

5) Winter-Booming Camellia

There are many varieties of camellia bush but for your winter garden, featuring fluffy round blooms ranging from white to brilliant dark pink and shiny dark green leaves that stay on all year long. The best thing about camellia for your snowy landscape is that some varieties bloom in the winter, providing beautiful pink blossoms that peek out from under the snow and can survive quite cold conditions without wilting.

6) Winterberry

Looking through a catalog, you just might guess that winterberry would be a good choice for your winter landscaping plans. A type of deciduous holly, this bush drops its leaves in the fall but the brilliant red berries remain, providing a truly festive appearance to your yard. Just make sure you’ve got both male and female hollies paired up to ensure the berries come into ‘full bloom’ just before the snow starts to fall.

Whether you’re landscaping half an acre or a tiny garden patch, growing plants that bloom and color in the dead of winter can transform a ‘dead’ lot into a winter wonderland. With a landscape that looks great in every season, including winter, you’ll be drawing buyers no matter when you choose to sell.

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