Get To Know A Kaufman, Ellie Saunders

Get to Know a Kaufman

  1. Full Name: My full name is Ellen Kelly Donohue Saunders.
  2. Family: I have a husband of 16 years Jeremy ( the love of my life), son Jackson Wayne 13 (Bub), and son Jameson O’Reilly 8 (Monkey)
  3. Do you have a nickname, if so what is it and how did you get it: My nickname that I go by is Ellie or my best friends call me Kitty, it comes from the meme wear the bigger cat snuggles the little cat, my best friends said my hugs were their safe place.
  4. First Job: My first job was at a Subway, I was a sandwich artist.
  5. Worst Job: My worst job was at a Child care center, the lady who ran it asked me to lie to parents.
  6. Personal motto or credo: Be still. And Excellence through consistency, passion, and pride.
  7. A great day is comprised of these elements: God, Laughter, Love,
  8. Hobbies: My hobbies are Cooking, Finding great BBQ, and Super hero movies with my boys,
  9. Favorite Sport or event to watch, live or on TV: College Football, Let’s Go Mountaineers!
  10. Proudest Childhood Accomplishment: I was the Lead Cellist in my High School Symphony, we were invited to the Youth Music of the World Festival in London, we played all around London for a week, played at Wembley Hall, and were in a parade.
  11. What did you want to be when you grew up: I wanted to work in the CIA and specialize in the Middle East.
  12. If you were a super hero, what powers would you have: All of Wonder Woman’s powers.
  13. It’s Karaoke night and you have to sing, what’s your go to song: My song would be Proud Mary but that will never ever happen. Ever.
  14. What two stations or Podcasts do you listen to most in your car: When I’m not listening to any and all Adele. I listen to Pandora, usually the Johnny Cash or Christian channel.
  15. What makes you laugh: My husband can make me laugh so hard I cry but I find humor in most things.
  16. What is your favorite book to read and who is your favorite author: I’ve read all of the Thomas Harris books, I’ve read Phantom of the Opera a few times, Eat Pray Love is also a favorite.
  17. Alaska or Hawaii, which would you rather visit for vacation and why: I would rather go to Alaska, because snuggling by the fire is a good reason to go anywhere. I’m Irish, there isn’t enough sunscreen in the world to help me out in Hawaii.
  18. Of your five senses, which is the strongest and why: I have really good hearing, God gave me good ears. In our symphony, I didn’t need a piano to tune my instrument. I can also hear the gears in my sons’ heads when they’re thinking about lying to their mom.
  19. If you had a warning label, what would yours say: “Red hair and feisty, you’ve been warned.”
  20. How many pair of shoes do you own: 10, mostly flip flops
  21. If you could share a coffee with four individuals, living or dead, who would they be: Jesus, Julia Roberts, Oprah, my Grandma
  22. If you had to describe yourself using an animal, which one would it be and why: Dog, I want everyone to be happy and I try, at least, to lead with love.
  23. What is something that scares you but you really want to try it: I want to try Sky Diving
  24. What is something you tried that you’ll never do again: I will never again go through having my husband move before us. He moved here in October and me and my sons didn’t until the end of December. So, I was working full time, selling our house, packing our house and the only in-house parent for a couple of months. Never. Again. It was so awful I don’t even like to talk about it.Kaufman serves Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, with real estate and auction services. Always adding a local face and local knowledge to your transaction, contact us and Get to Know a Kaufman agent or auctioneer. 



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