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Kaufman Team Members

This week we continue our series of interviews with agents and staff members. We hope these quick peeks into the lives of our team members will go beyond putting a face with a name. These snippets will give you an informative and sometimes humorous look at our most important asset, our people.  This week’s interview is with the latest addition to the Kaufman Team, our Content Creator, Bronson Allison.

Bronson is the go to guy for all things visual, from stills to drone photos, videos, and editing he is the one who powers the creative marketing of our traditional and digital media.

Get to Know a Kaufman

  1. Full Name: Bronson James Allison
  2. Family: Cory & Wendy Allison
  3. Do you have a nickname, if so what is it and how did you get it: No
  4. First Job: Car Washer at Village Motors
  5. Worst Job: Dish washer at a restaurant
  6. Personal motto or credo: Live more
  7. A great day is comprised of these elements: Good food, good workout, and good company
  8. Hobbies: Guitar, writing and recording music, videography, photography, Traveling
  9. Favorite Sport or event to watch, live or on TV: Indians baseball
  10. Proudest Childhood Accomplishment: Becoming a professional magician
  11. What did you want to be when you grew up: something in entertainment
  12. If you were a super hero, what powers would you have: Teleportation
  13. It’s Karaoke night and you have to sing, what’s your go to song: Whiskey in the Jar- Metallica
  14. What two stations or Podcasts do you listen to most in your car: Octane & Comedy Central radio on Sirius
  15. What makes you laugh: Funny stuff
  16. What is your favorite book to read and who is your favorite author: what are “books”?
  17. Alaska or Hawaii, which would you rather visit for vacation and why: Hawaii because i’m tan and its a more natural habitat for me
  18. Of your five senses, which is the strongest and why: taste because I eat A LOT
  19. How many pair of shoes do you own: I’ve always only ever had one pair at a time but this last year somehow i accumulated around 6 pairs i think.
  20. If you could share a coffee with four individuals, living or dead, who would they be: I would have to say Steven Tyler, Dave Chapelle, Conan o Brian, and Adam Sandler because they all seem like they would make a fun group!
  21. What is something that scares you but you really want to try it: Even though it freaks me out I would love to go swim with sharks in Hawaii!
  22. What is something you tried that you’ll never do again: When i was little i used to try to jump off my roof with a trash bag as a parachute..i probably wont do it again.
  23. On a scale of 1 – 10 how painful is the questionnaire: 7

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