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This week we continue our series of interviews with agents and staff members. We hope these quick peeks into the lives of our team members will go beyond putting a face with a name. These snippets will give you an informative and sometimes humorous look at our most important asset, our people.  This week’s interview is with real estate agent Danielle Olney.

As a licensed real estate agent Danielle operates out of the Kaufman Millersburg Office while juggling duties for her family’s gas and oil business, Patton Producing.  Danielle is also the daughter of CCJ attorney, Dan Mathie.

Get to Know a Kaufman

  1. Full Name: Danielle Nicole Olney
  1. Family: Husband: Wes Olney Kids: Blake (13), Jocelyn (5), & Elaina (3)
  1. Do you have a nickname, if so what is it and how did you get it: Dani. My family and friends have always shortened Danielle.
  1. First Job: Patten Producing Co, age 14.  My cousin’s and I started out bailing hay and working around the farm. I eventually started helping in the office doing payroll and misc. office tasks.
  1. Worst Job: Front desk at a hotel. I didn’t have anyone to talk to and I just sat and waited for people to check in. I worked there for 2 months before I found a new job.
  1. Personal motto or credo: My Uncle always told us growing up to “Kill them with Kindness”. I always remind myself of this when dealing with people who are unfriendly, rude, or just hard to deal with in general. Their attitude & behavior should not dictate mine.
  1. A great day is comprised of these elements: Family, Friends, & free time. The best days in memory are those where there were no plans. No work, no timeline, just time to relax and enjoy the company of those who are most important in my life.
  1. Hobbies: Riding the RZR. Our Polaris RZR is by far the best “fun” purchase Wes and I have made. It’s one of those things that we can enjoy both with the kids or without. Our kids look forward to weekends that we can just drive around the farm or take dirt roads to visit with friends. We also enjoy the adult time, where we can ride harder trails and spend quality time together. We are also teaching our 13 year old the basics of driving using it, in hopes of making him more comfortable behind the wheel when he turns 16.
  1. Favorite Sport or event to watch, live or on TV: Football! I’ve always loved watching football, both in person and on TV. We grew up as Ohio State fans and they are still a favorite. I’d have to say right now my favorite team to watch is whatever team my son is playing on. Watching him excel on the field really is a proud parent moment. He’s been playing with the same group of kids for 5 years. It’s been amazing to watch them all grow and become more confident in themselves. They went undefeated and won their conference for the 2016 season!
  1. What did you want to be when you grew up: An Attorney
  2. If you were a super hero, what powers would you have: Being invisible. Think of all the fun you could have with friends if they couldn’t see you.
  3. It’s Karaoke night and you have to sing, what’s your go to song: Something by Carrie Underwood (not because I’m a great singer, but i admire her talent and values).
  4. What two stations or Podcasts do you listen to most in your car: If you were to get in my truck right now, it would be on SiriusXM The Highway or The Garth Channel.
  5. What makes you laugh: The crazy antics of my kids! You really never know what is going to come out of the mouths of a 5 & 3 year old.
  6. What is your favorite book to read and who is your favorite author:I can’t say I have a favorite book or author. What I want to read depends on the mood that I am in. I tend to be drawn to books in the historical fiction or mystery/thriller genres.
  7. Alaska or Hawaii, which would you rather visit for vacation and why: Hawaii. It’s not vacation without the sun & sand.
  8. Of your five senses, which is the strongest and why: Hearing. Having kids you learn to focus on the quietest sounds (or lack thereof). If my house is too quiet, I know they are probably doing something they know they aren’t suppose to.
  9. If you had a warning label, what would yours say: Warning: Do not activate this person without Coffee.
  10. How many pair of shoes do you own: If you ask my husband, he will say too many. I like boots. If i had to guess I probably have 12 pairs of boots plus lots of other shoes.
  11. What is something that scares you but you really want to try it: Sky-diving. The chance to feel like you are flying would be worth jumping out of a perfectly good plane.
  12. What is something you tried that you’ll never do again: Roller Coasters. I have not ridden on one since I was a teenager and have no desire to do so again.
  13. On a scale of 1 – 10 how painful is the questionnaire: 3

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