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Winterize an Empty Home and Reap Dividends

How to Winterize an Empty Home In case you haven’t been watching the extended forecast, it’s calling for bitter cold temperatures over the next ten days.  These temps will be well below freezing.  If your vacant home or building isn’t ready for the cold snap you could be looking at a very large bill.  The… Read More

Landscaping Tips that Look Great in the Snow

6 Landscaping Tips That Look Great in the Snow With the snow approaching here are some landscaping ideas to put in place next spring that will have you property looking fabulous for the entire year. Selling a house has more to do with curb appeal than most people care to think about. While the interior… Read More

Tips for Prepping Your Property for Winter

8 Tips to Get Your Property Ready for Winter This cold snap has us thinking about the coming winter and what you can do to your property to get it ready.  Don’t avoid this time of year, embrace it.  Article takes a look at some tips for prepping your property. The last thing many want… Read More

Whitetail Hunting Trends and Tips

Top 2017 Whitetail Hunting Trends and Tips It’s no secret to serious hunters that the whitetail deer is the most widely discussed hunting topic. Contrary to what you may have heard, whitetail hunting is a sport that is growing fast in popularity in America although there are a few states that have seen a decline…. Read More

Recreational Real Estate, Should You Invest?

Should I Invest in Recreational Real Estate? Have you ever thought about buying property that matched with your hobbies, such as camping, hunting, fishing, or hiking? Investing in recreational real estate may be just what you are dreaming about. There are many benefits that come with owning recreational real estate, but the biggest is likely the ability… Read More

Real Estate Investment in Rural America

Real Estate Investment in Rural America Many real estate investors are naturally attracted to properties in urban and suburban areas. They don’t even consider investing in small towns or rural areas. However, in many parts of America, “the country” is no more than an hour away from an urban center. If you were to jump… Read More

Key Factors that Drive the Real Estate Market

What Are the Key Factors that Drive the Real Estate Market? This week we continue our series on the key factors and drivers of the real estate market.  Whether sold via a traditional listing or at a real estate auction, these are important factors to keep in mind when buying and selling. There are multiple… Read More

Why Location is Important when Buying Real Estate

Real Estate, Why Is Location Important When Buying a House? When it comes to buying real estate, it is often said the three most important factors are location, location, location. Regardless, many times people will make their buying decisions based on the house, rather than the area. But, do you know why location should be… Read More

Income Growth, a Factor in a Strong Real Estate Market

Factors in Strong Real Estate Markets: Income Growth While homes in major cities across the country show huge gains in recent years, real estate experts say home value recovery is uneven throughout the U.S. Some of the factors in strong real estate markets include good schools, shopping, employment and recreation. But a study by… Read More

Busting Real Estate Auction Myths

Busting Auction Myths About Selling Real Estate With the National Auctioneers Association Conference and Show happening this week in Columbus, Ohio, it seemed fitting to address some perceived myths about auctioning real estate. In many locations across the United States, home auctions are becoming more common and frequent. In fact, their popularity has inspired some… Read More

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