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Why Location is Important when Buying Real Estate

Real Estate, Why Is Location Important When Buying a House? When it comes to buying real estate, it is often said the three most important factors are location, location, location. Regardless, many times people will make their buying decisions based on the house, rather than the area. But, do you know why location should be… Read More

Income Growth, a Factor in a Strong Real Estate Market

Factors in Strong Real Estate Markets: Income Growth While homes in major cities across the country show huge gains in recent years, real estate experts say home value recovery is uneven throughout the U.S. Some of the factors in strong real estate markets include good schools, shopping, employment and recreation. But a study by… Read More

Busting Real Estate Auction Myths

Busting Auction Myths About Selling Real Estate With the National Auctioneers Association Conference and Show happening this week in Columbus, Ohio, it seemed fitting to address some perceived myths about auctioning real estate. In many locations across the United States, home auctions are becoming more common and frequent. In fact, their popularity has inspired some… Read More

Basic Factors in a Strong Real Estate Market

What Are the Basic Factors of a Strong Real Estate Market? If you’re thinking about buying a home, it’s probably the biggest financial move you’ll ever have to make. You may be interested in a particular property or neighborhood, but it may not be the best choice or be located in a weak real estate… Read More

Schools, Location, and Their Value in the Real Estate Market

Factors in Real Estate Values, Location, Schools, and Jobs. The school year is quickly coming to a close across, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  This makes it a fitting time to discuss the value of a strong school district in strong real estate markets. Quality schools are home buyers first priority when relocating or house hunting in an… Read More

Retirement Investing in Real Estate, the Do’s and Don’ts

Retirement Investing with Real Estate. Our past posts have looked real estate investment in the shorter timeframes.  This post takes a look at making real estate a part of your retirement portfolio.  Whether its Ohio, West Virginia or Pennsylvania, rural real estate can be an important part of a retirement portfolio. Dos and Don’ts of… Read More

Hunting Land, a Good Place for Investment

Investing in Recreational Real Estate: Tips for Investing in Hunting Land We continue our series of looking at the rural real estate markets.  This week we look at why investing in hunting land, specifically Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania makes sense. Property is a great thing to invest in, especially if you can also use your… Read More

Questions for Selecting an Auction Company

Questions to Ask When Selecting an Auction Company With more and more homeowners downsizing and moving into smaller homes, it’s becoming more common for people to turn to auctioneers to sell their items or real estate property that they no longer need. One way to get cash for your real estate or belongings is through… Read More

Wake Up Your Real Estate with a Spring Clean Up

We are always looking to provide Pro-Tips for real estate owners.  With spring upon us, there is no better time than now to start a list of projects to spruce up your real estate.  This week’s post gives some helpful insights on where to start and what to do. Wake Up Your Property with A… Read More

Firearms, ProTips for Buying and Selling at Auction

This week we broach the subject of buying and selling firearms and guns at auction.  Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania are hot areas for gun auctions.  Before you get involved in an auction here are couple of tips for both the buyer and seller. Do you enjoy hunting or recreational shooting? Do you spend weekends… Read More

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